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"Ridin' Solo"    


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TGS Newscast will make it's Return...

The TGS Newscast podcast will be making it's return this fall! After a decade since being cancelled, the podcast is set to return with a focus on current happenings in Aurora and Bainbridge, as well as other park news around the country.

In the mean time, a few retro episodes will be uploaded soon for your enjoyment!


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Season One

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Season Two

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The Thrill Park Show

They Destroyed our park....


and now Bainbridge and Aurora have been infected with the Kinzel Virus, continuing his legacy of greed and deception while leaving things to ROT.


What is wrong with these people? They used to complain about the noise of the park. Well, how is the silence treating you now in that rundown dump of empty vacant shops and once great family fun spot, that now no one in their right mind wants to visit?